The Chicken N Pickle development consisted of a 2-story – 12,000 SF restaurant building, an outdoor recreation courts and a 15,000 SF indoor court building on a 7.554-acre tract of land in San Antonio, TX.

The project required platting and had a TCEQ Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone waiver, which was acquired by the seller.  The project was a Design-Build with ARCO Murray Contractors.  The development of the site included a parking lot, drainage, utilities, downstream analysis for “Fee In Lieu Of” (FILO) detention, Public Wastewater Main extension, and  Public Water Main Loop.

The internal outdoor courtyards have a special drainage criteria that required minimal slopes in courts, but collects stormwater rapidly with slot drains in strategic locations.  The project is a two-phase project where the Chicken N Pickle was the first phase on the western portion of the site and a potential pad site area to the east.

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