Land Development - Mansfield Update

Terra Associates is working with Dolce Vita to remove and mitigate two gas well sites, a fracking pond, and a compressor station making way for future housing site in Mansfield, Texas.


The well sites, frack ponds and compressor stations north of the Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts could be removed and remediated so new homes can be built there, according to a new plan by a housing developer.


Terra Associates reached agreement with Summit Midstream Partners to decommission the natural gas compressor station after months of negotiations. The gas will be rerouted to another nearby compressor.


Terra Associates has been working on Dolce Vita for a year and a half, negotiating with two homeowners associations, the city, natural gas drillers and midstream companies to reach a consensus.


“It feels like we’ve accomplished mission impossible,” Terra Associates said. “We’ve got all these players with input in what we’re doing. It’s a unique opportunity where everybody’s needs have come together.”


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