Chicken N Pickle

Chicken N Pickle site consisted of 7.554 acres of unplatted raw land within the Edwards Aquifer Transition Zone.  The site was platted into a single lot with the potential of 2 pad sites to be leased for other developments. A waiver was developed by the overall developer to remove Edwards Aquifer’s water quality regulations. 

Hydraulic analysis for 2000 feet downstream was conducted to show that the drainage structures could handle the additional flow and the Chicken N Pickle’s owner entered into a Fee-in-lieu (FILO) detention agreement with the city and paid FILO fees.  San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) required a border water main installation and a wastewater extension.  

Drainage within the courtyards was extensive where slot drains were installed within the complex to minimize standing water on the courts and within the activity areas.  The site was graded to remove potential retaining walls and minimize overall site costs.  The existing left turn lane into the site was lengthened due to the increased traffic anticipated by the new development.


Retail and Commercial


Feb 04, 2019

Project type

Retail and Commercial

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