Landscape & Irrigation Projects

Terra Associates, Inc. Landscape Architecture department specializes in designing landscapes that meet development requirements while considering the environment and overall project appearance.


Legacy Charter School

Legacy Charter School

Terra Associates’ Landscaping Architectural Department worked closely with the school director, architect, and developer while designing the concept and CDs for the Legacy Charter School.  The school is located at 2727 Spring Creek, Spring, Texas 77373.

The design included:

  • Raised working garden outside the Science Lab
  • Rainwater Harvest for manual irrigation
  • Xeriscape landscape design
  • Tree wells
  • Hardscape design in student drop off/pick up area and more.

The landscape planting plan was designed to meet minimum Harris County standards and included an automatic underground irrigation system.  Several trees were preserved, and existing landscape elements were used in the design.

Services provided included:

  • Conceptual Design,
  • Preliminary Costing
  • Landscape and Irrigation Construction Documents.

Designed by: Amanda Buckson while at Terra Associates


Harris County 911 Call Center

Harris County 911 Call Center

Terra Associates, Inc. served as project Landscape Architect for the Harris County 911 Call Center site at
3000 East Aldine Amphitheatre Drive, Houston, Texas.

TAI’s LA Department worked with Kirksey Architects and members of the HC Sheriff’s Department and HPD to determine the scope, scale and goals for the site.

Services provided include:

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Phase Services.

The project scope included hardscape design, site furnishings, outdoor gym, and LID components including Bioswales. The project achieved LEED Certification.

South Fry Road Beautification

South Fry Road Beautification


Terra Associates, Inc. served as Project Landscape Architect.

The project included:

  • The addition of accent entry walls and landscape
  • Planter pots in TxDOT paver areas
  • New trees to line Fry Road
  • Pedestrian lighting along the existing sidewalks
  • Landscape beds within TxDOT ROW.

Extensive coordination was required with HOA, MUD, TxDOT, and Harris County for project approvals. Tasks include conceptual design, construction plans, and bidding/construction phase services.

City of Bellaire

City of Bellaire

City of Bellaire – Bonds for a Better Bellaire Landscape Improvements for Spruce & Fifth Street

Terra Associates, Inc. served as Landscape Architect for the improvements along Spruce and Fifths Street in downtown Bellaire, Texas.

TAI’s LA Department worked with members of City of Bellaire’s Public Works department to determine the scope, scale and goals for the area.  Services provided for this project are Conceptual Design Graphics for public meetings, Construction Documents, and Construction Phase Services.

The project scope includes close coordination with civil design team, street lighting studies, streetscape landscape, that included coordination with the adjacent 2-story HEB store, coordination of pavers, tree well drainage system, and landscape irrigation design.

Project is due to begin construction in Spring of 2019.


Harris County MUD 346: Greentrails Playground

Harris County MUD 346: Greentrails Playground

Terra Associates, Inc. was hired as project Landscape Architect.

TAI worked with the Greentrails HOA and MUD board to determine the community’s desires for this neighborhood’s park development.

The project included the addition of nine new play equipment pieces, shade structures, retaining/seat wall, access sidewalks and ramps, bike storage, park signage, picnic tables, trash receptacles, pet stations, lighting, new landscape and irrigation modification.

TAI provided Conceptual Design, & CDs as well as Bidding and Construction Phase Services.


Moran Gulf Shipping Courtyard and Grounds

Moran Gulf Shipping Courtyard and Grounds

Landscape design services were provided for this office building’s courtyard, and grounds.

The landscape was complemented with a lighting design that sets a nice tone for evening gatherings.

The courtyard hardscape was designed in a semi-circle pattern with bands of landscape and walkway. A combination of concrete colors and patterns create a unique sense of place in the courtyard.

On the outer band of concrete walkway, two trellises provide shade for a couple of seating areas. The benches and receptacles in the seating areas are Faux-Wood Reinforced Aluminum for a wood look without the maintenance. A third trellis and hardscape details accent the main entry of the courtyard and create a grand entry to the building.

Design Services Provided:

  • Landscape
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Hardscape
  • Site Furnishings

Work performed under previous employment.

Discount Tire

Discount Tire

12 Texas stores including Baytown, Amarillo, College Station, Midland, Odessa and Houston area

Design Services Provided:

  • Assist in preparation of site investigation reports
  • Tree Preservation & Mitigation
  • Complete Landscape & Irrigation design
  • Coordination with governmental agencies and architectural review committees for permit approvals

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