League City Parkway Improvements

Terra Associates designed a series of roadway improvements to serve a development in League City that consists of tracts both north and south of the intersection of League City Parkway and Hobbs Road. The north tract of the development is a Kroger grocery store and retail strip (17.4 AC) and the south tract is a retail strip center with fast food restaurants (19.1 AC).

Among Terra’s roadway improvements were road widening, the addition of acceleration and deceleration lanes, and movement of the median. Infrastructure improvements included:

  • Extension of the 12” public waterline within League City Parkway from Butler Rd. to Hobbs       Rd. (approx. 1600+ LF)
  • Sanitary sewer extension
  • Drainage design (including RCP and RCB storm sewer)

Terra’s engineers also utilized a previously contracted drainage study to design a detention pond on the south tract, allowing the north tract to become 100% developed. Terra’s engineers rerouted underground drainage from the League City Parkway toward the proposed detention pond with a junction box to direct flows. This will mitigate peak flow from future development.

Terra’s proposed detention basin will provide the required detention storage used to reduce peak flows at the drainage system outfall to existing condition peak flows, per the drainage study.


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Traffic and Transportation


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