Legacy Charter School

Terra Associates’ Landscaping Architectural Department worked closely with the school director, architect, and developer while designing the concept and CDs for the Legacy Charter School.  The school is located at 2727 Spring Creek, Spring, Texas 77373.

The design included:

  • Raised working garden outside the Science Lab
  • Rainwater Harvest for manual irrigation
  • Xeriscape landscape design
  • Tree wells
  • Hardscape design in student drop off/pick up area and more.

The landscape planting plan was designed to meet minimum Harris County standards and included an automatic underground irrigation system.  Several trees were preserved, and existing landscape elements were used in the design.

Services provided included:

  • Conceptual Design,
  • Preliminary Costing
  • Landscape and Irrigation Construction Documents.

Designed by: Amanda Buckson while at Terra Associates



Landscaping and Irrigation


Feb 04, 2019

Project type

Landscaping and Irrigation


6 Months

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