Vicksburg Boulevard and Lake Olympia Parkway

Terra provided roadway design services for Vicksburg Boulevard.

Vicksburg Boulevard is a 0.5-mile extension from Lake Olympia Parkway to Aldridge Drive. It was designed to include a full four-lane boulevard with a raised median, curbs and gutters, bike lane, 6′ sidewalks and a traffic signal at the intersection of Lake Olympia Parkway and Vicksburg Boulevard.  Paving improvements along Lake Olympia were required to convert a portion of the roadway from a half-boulevard to a full-boulevard on either side of the intersection.

Design included delineating drainage areas for the roadway system and computing runoff flows based on those drainage areas and design of the roadway storm sewer. Roadway design included vertical and horizontal alignments carefully avoiding major utilities and a pipeline crossing under the roadway as well as developing cross-sections at every 100 feet.

Traffic control plan layouts were designed to include the signal design for the intersection of Vicksburg Boulevard and Lake Olympia Parkway along with signing and pavement marking layouts. Terra provided construction phases services. Terra reviewed signal related equipment submittals and compared them with the signal design plans. All submittals, Requests For Information (RFIs), and pay estimates were reviewed, field verified, and discussed with Fort Bend County for final approval.

Project included coordination with Fort Bend County, City of Missouri City, utility companies, and the MUD.


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Traffic and Transportation


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