Terra Associates, Inc. acted as the prime firm for the roadway design of Vicksburg Boulevard (0.5-mile extension from Lake Olympia Parkway to Aldridge Drive). Vicksburg Boulevard was designed to include a full four-lane boulevard with a raised median, curbs and gutters, bike lane, 6′ sidewalks and a traffic signal at the intersection of Lake Olympia Parkway. Terra’s design included delineating drainage areas for the roadway system and computing runoff flows based on those drainage areas and design of the roadway storm sewer. The roadway design included vertical and horizontal alignments carefully avoiding major utilities in the area as well as developing cross-sections every 100 feet.

Terra also provided traffic control plans to ensure that the existing vehicular traffic impact was minimal. The Project Manager convinced the City to let Terra expand the intersecting Lake Olympia Road from one to two lanes, 400 feet in both directions from its intersection with Vicksburg Boulevard. This minimized disruption to traffic at the Vicksburg-Lake Olympia intersection during the construction of this project and also ensured that the intersection will likely not need to close for future roadway projects.

Terra had to coordinate with both the City and Fort Bend County, as with utility companies and local MUDs. The Terra team designed a U-shaped concrete bridge over the existing 16-inch pipeline, which meant that utilities in the area did not have to be moved. This saved money for the City and the County and ensured that there were no construction delays.

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